This Alarm Clock Will Wake You Up with a Cup of Freshly-Brewed Coffee

Waking up in the morning is hard, but the alarm clock “Barisieur ” will ease you into your day with the smell of fresh coffee.

Designed by London-based industrial designer Josh Renouf, the Barisieur is a clever design concept for a combination alarm clock and coffee brewer. Instead of the annoying blare traditionally used to alarm its user, it basically wakes up users with the subtle sound of steel balls jostling in a water boiler and the smell of freshly brewed coffee.

According to PSFK, here is how it works:

The sleek device has stainless steel ball bearings inside a bespoke hand blown glass beaker that boils water through induction heating. The boiling water is pushed out of the beaker through a slim glass tube and is poured over the ground coffee which is placed in a sustainable stainless steel coffee filter. The coffee then drips through the filter and into a glass cup. In the middle of the tray is a small glass container that holds the milk or cream.

Renouf is now looking for a way to commercialise the Barisieur. The estimated retail price is between £150 and £250 (or around $250 to $420).

It’s a nice design, except that I don’t know if I can fall asleep with the smell of freshly ground coffee right next to me.